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If he knows where he was born,he could also try to contact the vital records agency in that area to see if they can offer any guidance for moving forward with this search. We wish you luck. Where do I go in Indianapolis to face a court and Ask em to let me into sealed adoption agency and get birth certificate because the ones in Los Angeles California will not let me have my birth certificate from my real parents and told me to go to court and get approved to break the seal. So where do I go in Indianapolis Indiana to face the judge and get one please… I need website, address, phone numbers.

Hello William.

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Unfortunately we do not have the resources to answer your questions. You may want to contact the vital records department at Marion County Public Health Department to see if they can point you in the correct direction. We hope you find the answers you are looking for. I was born in Iowa and put up for adoption in Los Angeles California.

I am 64 years old. I have all my non identifying information and have taken the Ancestry DNA test. Both of my birth parents are deceased am I able to get my birth certificate unsealed? Hello Linda. Iowa guidelines state that a court order is necessary to unseal a birth record but it is unclear if that is waived after the passing of both birth parents. You may also want to contact the agency in California that processed your adoption. Hello, My niece was born in California, she was adopted outside of the U. The adoptive parents want to make changes to her birth certificate.

Changing the last name and adding their names as the parents. Do they have to go to California to make the changes or does it have to be done where the child was adopted? Hello Sharon. With legal U. Since your niece was adopted outside the U. We suggest her adoptive parents contact the vital records agency in California that issued the original birth certificate to see if they have the new one on file. They should also check to see if a new birth certificate is available through the agency that handled the adoption.

My sister-in-law was ill and so they took her back home for her last days. So her sister has been raising her daughter since she was a baby. They went through the court process and the adoption was granted.

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They told the Adopted parents that they had to go to California where the original birth certificate was issued to make the changes. Based on the additional information you provided, they will need to contact the vital records agency in the county in California where your niece was born. That agency should be able tell them what steps need to be taken and documentation is needed to amend the birth certificate. I was able to get my court adoption paperwork …all 16 pages by walking into the Santa Barbara Superior Court house with my adopted mother.

My mother then asked for the records and they gave them to her!! Just like that!! Of course they had no clue that I was the adopted child. Well where do I start. I was born in Luxemburg, Ge. I was adopted by Military people they where station over there for about 3 years, 3 years.

I have a foreign birth certificate but never thought. Both of my adopted parents are dead. I love that job so much and i was wanting to retire there but they let me go.

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If you were legally adopted by U. If you know which state your adoption was processed in, you could contact the vital records agency in that state for further guidance. So, if your parents were citizens of Illinois and processed your adoption through Illinois courts, you might contact Illinois Vital Records for further guidance on getting your birth certificate.

Another suggestion would be to contact the U.

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Consulate in DC for assistance. Their phone number is We wish you luck in this endeavor. I adopted my nephew three years ago in Arizona. We recently had some water pipes break and the adoption papers are badly damaged and not Legible. I need a copy of the adoption records so that I can prove I am his legal guardian. He has a lot of Psychological illness and is currently in the hospital. He needs to go to a residential treatment facility and they are requiring a copy of his adoption as proof of guardianship. How do I get this?

I need it within 5 days.

Hello Bercha. Sorry to hear about your situation. We suggest you contact the agency in Arizona that handled the adoption 3 years ago.

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They should be able to advise you on how to obtain copies of the adoption papers. We wish you well. My biological parents were born in Canada and are both deceased. I was born in Buffalo, New York. During high school, I began living with a family from church and was legally adopted by them at the age of I do not recall knowing that I would not be able to get a copy of my original birth certificate again.

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Now I am I would like to enact my dual citizenship with Canada. However, they need my original birth certificate to prove my biological parents name, I have my biological parents Canadian birth certificates. I am sure I used that original birth certificate when I got my first passport, can I retrieve that copy? Clearly, I knew both my birth family and my adoptive family, since I was adopted at age What are my options? Hello Karen. You may want to contact the agency that handled your adoption to see if your original birth certificate is part of the adoption record and if it is possible for you to get a copy of it.

Hey Larissa.

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  • My birthdate is accurate, and my filing date is within three days of my birthday. But, the date the certificate was issued, is two years after my birthday.

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    • Hello Chris. It would be hard to make that determination based on the limited amount of information you have provided. Certified copies of birth certificates are required for a number of things ranging from pre-school and school registration to youth sports registration to passports, etc. My son was adopted by me. How would I get a copy of the amended birth certificate with my name on it? I never received a copy when the adoption went through. Hello Suzy. Usually, but not always, the amended birth certificate will be on file with the vital record agency in the state where the birth took place.

      I was born in New Jersey and adopted in south carolina. My last name was changed by the courts even though the judge was directed to keep me and my brothers names the same. All of my other documents are still in my birth name and i dont have a copy of either because i need one for the other. My adoptive parent is deceased and I cant obtain a drivers license as well as other things this dilemma is preventing me from.

      At this point I have two identities and I cant move forward with my life without these documents. I have been trying to obtain my BC for over 7 years and I keep getting the run around. I am 28 years old now with no way to prove my identity.