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Register to receive free alerts when a document such as a deed or mortgage is recorded with the recorder's office using your name or your business's name. Choose to get alerts by email or by phone. If you receive an alert about activity not initiated by you, this early notification can provide valuable time to stop criminals in their tracks.

To record the first page of a document not to exceed 8.

This tax will be paid to the Clerk and Comptroller when the document is recorded. The Florida Department of Revenue website has additional resources. A self-addressed stamped envelope must be provided with your documents.

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It is not necessary to provide one envelope per document if all documents are to be returned to the same address, provided that envelopes and postage meet the U. Is Weight Loss Surgery for You? Frequently Asked Questions Do you have the right to your medical record? Yes, by Florida Law Florida Statute The original medical record is owned by the hospital, but you have access to your medical record for viewing or to obtain copies with proper HIPAA compliant authorization.

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Back to t op How long does the hospital keep my records? Completed forms may be returned to the hospital HIM Department for processing via email, fax or mail. In order to verify your identification and validate your authorization, we require that you include a legible copy of a valid photo ID i.

An authorization becomes invalid if the form is incomplete or contains false core elements. Contact Bethesda Hospital East S.

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See the links below or contact us for fees charged by the Department of Health. Birth certificates are available for persons born in the state of Florida for the years through the present.

If you were born before you must apply through the State Office of Vital Statistics. The Office of Vital Statistics in Palm Beach County can now assist in obtaining death certificates for any person who died in the State of Florida from to the present. Marriage certificates can only be issued for marriages occurring in Florida, from June 6, to the present. Marriage certificates prior to June 6, are obtainable from the Clerk of Court in the County where the marriage license was issued.

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