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Hayat, F. People would feel differently if Saudi Arabia invaded Minnesota and local residents fought back—it would be seen as patriotic self-defense.

24 officials arrested over fraudulent registration of persons

Compare McGreal , supra , with Akbar, supra. Many of the people in the former category had the misfortune of supporting whichever political group the United States happened not to be working with at the time. This can be a difficult thing to predict in advance; after all, active U. David Johnston, C. Tie Reported in Mandela Arrest , N.

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See U. Times Mar. Citizens United v. FEC, U. Emerson, Freedom of Expression in Wartime , U. United States v. Blewett , F. Cocaine and Federal Sentencing Policy, U. Blackmon , supra note A ballot measure passed in that was designed to restore the right to vote for most people with felony convictions in Florida. Schmidt, Jr.

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Rucker, U. Harper, U. Foucha v. Louisiana, U. Romeo, U. In re Winship, U. American criminal law recognizes the importance of human liberty in a wide variety of other doctrines—such as the rule of lenity, which requires courts to interpret ambiguity in any criminal law in favor of liberty and against punishment. Ashcroft , U. Times Sept.

Pierce v. Thus, a law stripping felons of the right to parent would be struck down instantly.

But we effect the same result when we put someone in prison for a drug offense. Brady v. United States, U.

See Odonnell v. Harris Cty. See Lafler v. Cooper, U. Brady , U. Times Aug. Gilbert , F. United States, F. McCleskey v.

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Kemp, U. Times Oct. Stuntz , The Collapse of American Criminal Justice observing that prosecutors have wide latitude in deciding whom to target for prosecution. Batchelder, U. As discussed below, police also have investigative discretion. See infra Section VI. See David Keenan et al.

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Indeed, as discussed later, some Americans were even convicted in foreign courts of those crimes. Spencer Ackerman et al. Abuse , N. Post Nov. Jeremy Scahill , U. See Mark Mazzetti , U. Says C.

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Destroyed 92 Tapes of Interrogations , N. At least one American was prosecuted and convicted for kidnaping and rendition, but he was prosecuted and convicted by Italy. However, when he was arrested in Panama and Italy requested rendition, the United States intervened and brought him back to the United States to shield him from serving his sentence in Italy. Post Mar. During the Obama Administration, many news articles on foreign policy contained leaked information that served the goals of politically powerful people, yet they were not prosecuted; on the other hand, the low-level leakers who disclosed information that exposed misconduct in the Administration were prosecuted with vigor.

The Administration chose to prosecute twice as many leak cases as all previous administrations combined. Alex Q. Times Nov. Times Feb. Research, Working Paper No. See How Many U.

Mailman Sch. Leah Hendey et al. Books Jan. Examiner Mar. Paul Wolf et al. Reveals , N. Times Mag. See United States v. DeChristopher , F.