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Glad we did We can only wave at Avery and not tell her what's on our minds right now There's something about the way Norma eats here ice cream that makes me want to buy more ice cream!!!

Who knows that book she's reading? Mila was the highest voted girl yesterday on thehun! We have to admit: we voted too! Michaela challenged us to a game in the park We still don't know the game, but by all means: we think we won!! Mindy Vega says hi! What do you say back?

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Be nice, after all, she was the highest voted girl on The Hun's yesterday! MelenaTara loves bananas!!! And apparently the bananas love her Melena! We like this Melody! Especially the tune she's playing! The advice initially came from Dr. Sarah Welsh.

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Figure the rest out Or check this lovely lady on jokes. We teamed up with a lot of producers and paysite owners to be able to bring you a peek inside their members' area. We have zero tolerance for bad advertisers though. Yes, keyla is used for bananas mainly with Pakistani's I think, but Mauz is also used by Indians, who speak Urdu.

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If you ever run into pop-ups or redirect please contact us so we can fix that problem! It's an old oooold school.

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Latest update: Wednesday, July 31st, Today's image: Programming. Won't link it, but it's only one letter difference from PortableApps and the logos look awfully similar. Is Ted Cruz secretly still Canadian? What is the opposite of mm hmm?

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