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Their offices can be located at E. Weatherford, in Fort Worth, Texas Public Arrest Records Tarrant County Texas - Background check will give you an individual information, it will include financial history, criminal history, education history and public records.

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An excellent resource for getting access to the arrest records of current Tarrant County prison inmates can be found here , although it only searches the records of current prisoners. The Tarrant County Jail - Green Bay Facility Inmate Search is a list of persons who have been arrested, including current status, bail amount if applicable , and times you can visit. Arrest records massachusetts tarrant county tx online divorce law england history. How to obtain a police report public arrest records tarrant county texaspublic arrest records tarrant county texas.

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Do a free background check here using free online public records searches in Tarrant County. Public arrest records tarrant county tx. Whether or not you do how to cope after ending a long term relationship hacks have a good relationship along with your insurance provider delete word, there is much to learn regarding the pros and cons of numerous types of the most basic form, this kind of insurance can protect business owners from injuries that occur for the business' home. Search this site.

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  • Tarrant County Expungement Attorney Jeff C. Kennedy can help you clear your criminal records;
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Need to Expunge Your Criminal Record in Forth Worth?

Kennedy is dedicated to protecting your criminal record. With over 20 years of legal experience in criminal defense , we have assisted hundreds of clients with successfully petitioning the courts for an Expunction of Criminal Arrest Records. Hiring an experienced Expunction of Criminal Records Attorney can ensure that the process is simplified and all of your specific needs are addressed. If you were ever arrested for a criminal offense, contact us at for a Free Consultation to discuss the process of clearing your criminal record and giving you a fresh start.

Obtaining an Expunction requires filing a Petition for Expunction of Records in district court in the county in which you were arrested or in district court in the county in which the offense was alleged to have occurred. Furthermore, the Petition must contain a list of all law enforcement agencies, jails or other entities that could have a record of the arrest.

Tarrant County Texas Arrests

Finally, the Expunction Petition must be signed by you and sworn to before a Notary Public. The Petition is then filed in the appropriate court and a hearing is scheduled whereby a judge determines whether or not you are eligible and entitled to be granted an Expunction. An Expunction Order gives you a clean slate and fresh start! If an Expunction of Records is granted, all of the records relating to the arrest are deleted, obliterated and destroyed and you may deny that the arrest ever occurred.

Furthermore, any release or use of expunged records by the police, the courts, or any other person for any purpose is prohibited.

Attorney for Expunction in Tarrant County, TX

Once an Expunction has been granted, it is a criminal offense for any person to release, disseminate or otherwise use the records or files. If you do not meet the legal requirements to expunge your criminal record, you may be entitled to file a Petition for Nondisclosure of Records.

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If you were ever arrested and completed Deferred Adjudication Probation for a criminal offense, you may be eligible to petition the court to seal your criminal record from public disclosure through a procedure known as Nondisclosure of Criminal Records. If your case is eligible for Nondisclosure, the records relating to your arrest could be designated unavailable for public access.

You could also be entitled to deny the fact that you were ever arrested, charged with a criminal offense, or placed on Deferred Adjudication Probation for the criminal offense. Please see additional information on Nondisclosure of Records. Kennedy can help you clear your criminal records Is an arrest or criminal record causing you problems?

Have you been arrested and acquitted or found Not Guilty in Tarrant County? Arrested and your case was Dismissed in Tarrant County? Clearing Your Criminal Record through Expunction Over the last several years, the frequency of criminal background checks has substantially increased. You may be eligible to clear your criminal record through an expunction if you satisfy one of the following criteria: You were arrested, formally charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, and you were found Not Guilty after trial You were arrested, formally charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, and the charge was Dismissed outright; there was no court ordered community supervision probation under Article