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For this reason, the Registry Department has seen a huge uptick in requests as we near the federal deadline for compliance with the law. The law will go into full effect on October 1, , so birth certificate requests will only continue to grow. Creating an online option for this process will make things easier and more efficient for both residents and City staff.

Whether you need to find a babysitter or take time off of work, the trip can be a real hassle. People on a tight timeline were left with few options. Moving these types of City services online for residents and those born in the City just makes sense. People still have the option to go through VitalChek , a third-party service contracted by the state, to find their vital records. Orders can also take more than a few weeks to process. As the main source of truth for birth certificates in Boston, we felt that we were well-positioned to offer a quicker, cheaper, and more streamlined option.

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There are actually some distinct considerations for birth certificates. Most states have strict regulations on vital records, and that includes Massachusetts. In some cases, only certain authorized people can access a record or certificate. Anyone can look up the certificate and order a copy. Only those people listed on the birth certificate can order a copy. For our first prototype, we mirrored what we set up with our death certificates application. There was a basic search function that would allow users to select and buy a birth certificate.

Testing it with constituents who came into City Hall, we found that most people wanted to treat it like a search engine. Some of the best feedback we received was in our second round of testing with staff from the Registry Department. They helped us see an opportunity to create a more personal experience. We realized that we could set up an experience that guides each person along a journey, gathering answers that the Registry Department needs to complete the request. Instead of using basic search, we used progressive disclosure to simplify the complexity of the request.

This interaction design technique helps both customers looking for their birth certificate and City staff looking for their record. From the start, we ask our users specific details about their situation, and then craft prompts and responses based off those answers. That fee goes directly to Stripe to pay for the cost of card processing. Much like death certificates, our new application is built using React and Next. The approach we took very closely mirrored our work on death certificates. This medium post from March about death certificates dives into those type of backend details. For marriage and divorce questions, consult the Texas Family Code.

For questions about ordering marriage verification or divorce verification letters online, see the Texas. I need a copy of my marriage license or my divorce decree. How can I order that? Our office cannot issue a certified copy of a marriage license or divorce decree.

You can obtain a certified copy of a marriage license from the county clerk's office in the county that issued the marriage license. You must obtain a certified copy of a divorce decree from the district clerk's office in the county where the divorce was granted. Can you tell me the date and place where someone was married or divorced? The Vital Statistics Section does maintain public indexes of Texas marriages since and Texas divorces since On request, we provide verification letters of marriage and divorce based on these indexes.

Visit the Marriage and Divorce Verifications page for request instructions. For records prior to those years, you must contact the county where the marriage license was issued or the district clerk in the district where the divorce was granted.

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Download the VS The fee is retained as payment for the search, even if a record is not found. Please note that these verification letters are not certified and are not intended to be a certification of marriage or divorce. Request a marriage or divorce verification letter through Texas. List only yourself as the spouse. If no marriage records are found, a verification of no record found will be sent to you.

Please note that these verification letters are not certified and are not intended to be a certification of non-marriage or non-divorce. I need to correct a birth certificate or death certificate.

How can I correct it? I already submitted the application to correct a certificate - What is the status of my request? How long will it take to process my application? Do you have the application in Spanish? Can I walk into your office and walk out with my corrected certificate? Can I expedite my request? Can I facsimile fax or electronically mail email the application s and supporting documents? I resubmitted my application with additional information.

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How long will it take for someone to review my application? Will my certified copies be returned to me by the state?

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My application was notarized by a notaryfrom a foreign country. Why does the notarization need an apostille or be done at a US embassy? How do I get a court order to change my name? Instructions for filing corrections or amendments can be found on the Birth and Death Ammendment page. If you are a minor, both of your parents must sign the form before a notary public to show they are in agreement to the change or correction.

Some changes or corrections require a supporting document to prove that an error has been made.

See page two of the application for a list of corrections that can be made and whether the correction requires documentation. A suggested list of supporting documents is also printed on page two of the application. There is a fee to file the amendment correction and an additional fee to order a certified copy of the certificate after it is corrected.

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Send the completed application, along with the required documentation if any and the correct fees, to our office at:. A specialist trained in corrections will review your application. However, we cannot file the new application until all aspects of your application have been reviewed. If filing is not possible, Texas Vital Statistics will send you a letter explaining the situation.

Processing time for corrections and amendments sent via regular mail is approximately 60 days.

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Expedited requests are processed in business days. If you have further questions regarding your request, visit our Check Order Status page. Currently, the application is only offered in English. We are working to have the application translated to Spanish.

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