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Amounts accrued prior to filing the application for modification are static. Unlike child support, spousal support can only be modified based on the court order terms, unless jurisdiction to award support has been reserved. Spousal support modification is very complicated and discussed in detail in the Modification of Spousal Support section.

Family support combines both child and spousal support into one combined amount to save tax money. If circumstances change enough to justify a modification, a family support order can be changed or separate orders for child and spousal support may be issued. Property division adjudicated by the final judgment in your divorce may not be modified by the court.

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If an asset has not been disclosed and you learn about it after the divorce, you may be able to seek the division of a non-disclosed asset. Menu Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Strategic Divorce Consultation: Modification of Orders and Modification of Support. Those circumstances may include dramatic changes in income, relocation to another state, or problems relating to the proper care of his minor children. Select a topic to learn more:. Custody terms are binding, but they are not set in stone; it is possible to have them changed.

How to Modify a Divorce Decree

Even if the court agrees that a modification is in order, it will not approve one without a substantial change. It would make no sense to permit one or both parties to subject the judicial system, the other party, or the children to a repetition of the first trial without evidence of significant new developments. So, as a practical matter, motions filed within six months of your divorce are suspect at best.

In fact, in some states the burden of proof is expressly greater if you file a motion to modify within one year of divorce. Once a reasonable amount of time has passed, virtually all issues relating to your children, both custodial and financial, are subject to modification. The court must have a means of dealing with changes in circumstances. Your behavior during the waiting period will be crucial to your chances for modification. Essentially, you should strive to be a model father, taking active, helpful interest in all aspects of rearing your children.

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If you are late with support payments or skip designated time with your children, you will damage your cause. Let your past actions make the case for future modifications. Your model behavior will greatly enhance your case for modification. This is especially true if the mother of your children has not held herself to such high standards. Bear in mind that your good behavior should include a sincere attempt to resolve any dispute or grievance amicably by correspondence, if possible, so you have a written record.

There is no need to show a significant change of circumstances. Most divorce attorneys would tell you that you must hire them to modify custody. I don't believe that. I think every case depends on its own facts. If you have a very similar modification and you are familiar with the court process, it is possible you could handle the custody modification on your own or with minimal help from our experienced divorce attorneys.

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  • Contact us. Our divorce attorneys are ready to help you. We offer an affordable initial consultation for exactly this reason. How do divorce attorneys modify a "de facto" custody order?

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    How do divorce attorneys modify a temporary child custody order? How is a final child custody order modified? The key is "intent". How do you know which situations applies to you? Orange County Divorce Attorneys. Last Name. Send Message. Divorce Attorney's Fees and Costs.

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