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Cases older than one year without a disposition are not included. For charges outside of the City of Hobart, it is best to contact the police agency in the area where the requested subject might have resided.

Criminal Background Checks – Johnson County Indiana Sheriff's Office

The Records Department is open for criminal history checks from 7 a. Allen County Juvenile Center N. Simply select Allen County from the court drop-down menu. Listed below are the address and contact information for this court:. It is open to the public from Monday through Friday between a. You can also request for court records by submitting a Request Copies of a Court Record form by mail, email, or fax.


Fax the completed form to or send it by email to copyrequest co. Alternatively, send the form by mail to:. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope in your mail request as well as a check or money order for copy fees payable to Clerk of Allen Circuit Court.

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The Clerk of the Allen County Circuit and Superior Courts maintains divorce decrees along with other court records for the county. To request for copies of a divorce decree, submit a completed Request Copies of a Court Record form to copyrequest co.

Criminal Background Checks

Mail requests for divorce records go to the address of the Clerk as listed above. Fees and payment options are the same as mentioned above for court records. Follow the same procedures as discussed above for court and divorce records to request a copy of your marriage license by fax, mail, or email.

However, complete and submit a Request Copes of a Marriage License form.

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