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The Australian Electoral Commission maintains Australia's federal electoral roll. Each state also has its own electoral commission or office, but voters need to register only with the AEC, which shares the registration details with the relevant state electoral commission.

Voter registration is mandatory for all citizens 18 years of age or above. The AEC monitors house and apartment sales and sends a reminder and the forms to new residents if they have moved to another electorate, making compliance with the law easier.

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In Canada, the task of enumeration was handled until by the relevant elections bureau, such as Elections Canada for the federal level. The task was delegated to temporary employees from the public, who were charged with going to each residence in assigned areas to determine the eligible voters to be recorded for a publicly displayed list for each election. The Parliament discontinued this system for fiscal reasons in the s in favour of an opt-in process, by which voters mark their consent to be added the national voters list, or register, on their annual income tax returns.

Although this allows the list to be updated annually, complaints are registered that there are excessive numbers of omissions of residents, which needlessly complicates voting for the public and is contributing to a serious decline in the percentage of the population who vote. The Register is also updated using the following sources: [3].

Voting and Elections

Since , voter registration in Chile is automatic. It is based on a database by the Civil Registry Office of Chileans and resident foreigners in possession of an identity card number, which is unique for each individual when issues and is never re-used after a person's death.

All Chileans and eligible foreigners are added automatically to the electoral roll at age 17 and placed on an electoral constituency based on their last reported address with the Office. That address, known as "electoral domicile," can be different from a person's living address, if so desired. The electoral roll may contain a substantial number of persons residing abroad.

Residents abroad are not allowed to vote in Chilean elections. All citizens and residents are included in the national register.

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Each person is assigned a personal identification number that includes the person's date of birth and is divisible by All citizens and residents of Denmark are included in the national register, Det Centrale Personregister. Each person is assigned a personal number of ten digits, which include the person's date of birth.

The register is used for tax lists, voter lists, membership in the universal health care system, official record of residence, and other purposes. All eligible voters receive a card in the mail before each election which shows the date, time and local polling place; it may only be presented at the designated local polling station.

Only citizens may vote in national elections, while long-time residents may vote in local and regional elections. Permanent address within Denmark is required in order to vote. Voting is voluntary. Voter registration in Finland is automatic and based on the national population register. Each citizen is assigned a identification number at birth.

Permanent residents are recorded in this register even if they are not citizens, and their citizenship status is indicated in the register. People in the register are legally obliged to notify the register keeper of changes of address. Changing the address in the register automatically notifies all other public bodies for example the tax district for local taxation, the social security authorities, the conscription authorities and certain trusted private ones e.

Close to election time, the government mails a notification to registered persons informing them of the election and where and when to cast their votes. Only citizens may vote in national elections, but all residents may vote in local elections. All permanent residents of Germany are required to register their place of residence or the fact that they are homeless with local government.

Citizens who will be 18 or older on the day of voting will automatically receive a notification card in the mail some weeks before any election in which they are eligible to vote: for local elections, resident citizens of other EU countries will also receive these cards and may vote. For European elections, citizens of other EU countries have to register separately.

Polling places have lists of all eligible voters resident in the neighborhood served by the particular station; the voter's notification card or photo ID such as an identity card, passport or driving license, if the notification card is not at hand is checked against these lists before individuals receive a ballot. Voting is not compulsory.

In Hong Kong all permanent residents who are above 18 years of age and do not suffer from a mental illness can register as voters. Imprisoned people can also register and vote since the laws prohibiting them from voting was ruled unconstitutional in and are able to vote since mid as the electoral roll is updated annually. In around 1. All citizens of Iceland are registered in a central database at birth, which is maintained by Registers Iceland.

They do not need to register separately to vote.

Voter Registration Information

The Government of India conducts a revision of the voters list every 5 years. An additional summary revision is conducted every year. Apart from this, citizens can request their inclusion in the voters list by applying through Form 6. If the application is valid, the applicant's name will get included in the list.

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In Israel, all citizens who are 18 years of age or older on election day are automatically registered to vote. In Italy, all municipalities have a registry of residents and a registry of eligible voters. This is revised every six months and whenever there is an election. The registry of eligible voters can be viewed by anyone to ensure maximum transparency in the electoral process. Mexico has a general electoral census.

Any citizen of age 18 or greater must go to an electoral office in order be registered into the electoral census. The voting card also serves as a national identity document. All citizens and residents of Norway are included in the national register, Folkeregisteret , where each person is assigned a personal number of eleven digits which include the person's date of birth. The register is used for tax lists, voter lists, membership in the universal health care system and other purposes, and it is maintained by the tax authorities.

All eligible voters receive a card in the mail before each election which shows the date, time and local polling place. Only citizens may vote in national elections, while longtime residents may vote in local and regional elections. All citizens of Peru between 18 and 70 years are registered to vote through the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status , except all members of the police and the armed forces , who are not allowed to participate in elections. For all citizens in the country and abroad voting is mandatory, unless legally exempted.

There is no formal process for voter registration for South Korean citizens. All citizens will be automatically listed in the voters' list upon each election date. However, citizens either temporary visiting or permanently residing abroad must register for an overseas in-absentee ballot in order to vote. Voting can be done in Korean overseas missions. No registration is required: all Spanish citizens of voting age are listed in the electoral roll through the National Statistics Institute 's Electoral Census Office. Only citizens may vote in national and regional elections, while foreign residents may vote in local elections upon a reciprocity basis.

Citizens from other European Union countries may also vote in European elections. Certain convicted felons are disenfranchised while serving their sentences, but their voting rights are automatically restored afterwards without exception. Most prisoners are not disenfranchised and can vote by mail as absentees. All eligible voters receive a letter in the mail to their registered address prior to election Sunday showing the date, time and local polling place, which is almost invariably the nearest school or the town hall in very small towns without a school.

Polling may also be done at a Spanish diplomatic mission if residing overseas. All absentee and early voting ballots are sent physically to the registered local polling station for counting and double checking the voter's identity with the electoral roll eliminating any risk of double voting.

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