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Listed below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from couples ready to take this important step. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at See our search page to find information on marriage licenses and domestic partnerships that have been issued in Travis County. There is a required 3-day waiting period between the time a marriage license is obtained and the ceremony Texas Family Code, Chapter 2, Section 2.

Marriage License Requirements

The marriage ceremony may not take place during the hour period immediately following the issuance of the marriage license unless an applicant:. A marriage license is valid for 89 days from the date it is issued. A marriage license expires if it has not been used before the 90th day after it was issued. If a couple wishes to marry after the expiration date, a new license must be purchased.

A person meeting the above requirements does not need to apply for permission to marry couples and does not need to register with the County Clerk.

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List of local judges who perform marriage ceremonies. If divorced, and the divorce was finalized within the previous 30 days, an applicant must provide a certified copy of the divorce decree which states that the day waiting period has been waived. If you need to inquire about any upcoming court dockets please call the County Court Coordinator at Birth Certificates.

Who can purchase a Birth Certificate? Applicants must provide valid identification. Only Certified copies can be issued. Some earlier births were filed as Delayed Birth Certificates records filed more than 1 year after birth. The remote birth site access begins in Anyone needing a birth certificate prior to must contact the county of birth.

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Remote access is not available for those having a Delayed Birth Certificate. A remote birth certificate cannot be used to obtain a passport.

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All new probate and guardianship cases must be e-filed by an attorney. Please read your summons carefully. The exemptions and disqualifications for petit jury service are stated on the summons. If any disqualifications applies to you and you cannot serve, you must circle the disqualifications and return the card to the County Clerk.

If any exemptions applies to you, you do not have to claim it and you may serve.

If you claim and exemption or disqualifications, please do so immediately upon receipt of your summons. Please circle the appropriate number, then sign and date the summons and return it to the County Clerk. A recorded message will provide information regarding any cancellation of the jury panel.

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If you have any questions call Monday - Friday between the hours of a. Please note that our office does not provide updates for a jury panel summoned by District Clerk. Qualifications and Exemptions.

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Please read through the rules below, paying close attention to Part 5 regarding the filing of documents that contain sensitive date, if the data is not specifically required by statute or court rule. Docket No. Part 2 of order above. If you are appearing in court for a hearing within 24 hours of filing thru e-File, you will need to provide a courtesy copy of the filing to the court.

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