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To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Visit the person's MySpace profile page.

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Step 2 Wait for the profile page to load. Step 3 Open your word processing program. Tip If you have trouble locating the person's profile page by search, consider visiting the profile page of one of his known friends. You will be able to click on his profile page under the person's "Friends" column. Video of the Day. I know, it seems like ancient history.

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There are some things about MySpace I'll never forget, like adding songs to my profile. When I found out that Facebook has been rolling out a way to add music to account profiles, I started reminiscing way back when to the good ol' days of MySpace. If you're curious about how the new feature works, here's how to add Spotify songs to your Facebook profile to relive your MySpace days.

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If not, you might want to. Facebook is rolling out a way to add songs to your Facebook profile using the Facebook mobile app. This all started at the end of , according to Facebook, and was announced in a newsroom updated on March 13, Basically, the social media site is granting users the capability to add songs to their Facebook profiles. From there, users will be able to click through to the full song and listen to it on Spotify, per Facebook.

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According to Facebook, not all users have access to the latest musical functionality just yet. But, hold tight because it's coming. According to Facebook, percent of all users worldwide should be able to add songs to their Facebook profiles in the next few weeks. OMG what a pile of C. I changed my BANK after they introduced it. Imagine trying to yell your name and other details properly when out and about for everyone to hear!!! It has become an interesting symbiosis of 'marketers' [if we can call them that] who spam and surfers who don't mind being spammed.

Where else can you find such a plenty of possibilities to spam people? And where else can you find so many people who eagerly add everyone to friends and read each pm and comment clicking on ads? I remember years ago, Myspace was the first place where I got my first subscribers : [although my blog was actually crap]. I don't use MySpace for a long time now but things seem to remain pretty the same. From this perspective its main drawback becomes its main advantage - the absense of privacy - which still [suprisingly] attracts plenty of people - because they have the freedom they can't nowadays find anywhere else.

Both good points, but let's not forget that it's still a great way of sharing music. Anyone here have a band? Maybe that's the point Harry, I think Admin may have to delete your comment because when Google reads it, it will deindex this page.. Myspace is like AOL where for many years and for many millions of users there was no such thing as the internet, there was only a thing called AOL. These were the people who if confronted with a new computer, look at it and if they didn't see an AOL icon they would think the computer sucked cause it didn't come with a internet.

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This is a shot in the dark, but, if there is anyone out there good at making Myspace themes I have a project I need you for : a fun one full of giggles and goodness. Wow - just messing around and discovered that this post ranks about 4th from over 2. Have no clue what happened there - its like the post kept submitting with every couple of letters I typed!!!!! I dont like getting thumbed down lol. I know I'm late to the Myspace hate, but I have to say it - I hate myspace with a passion of a thousand suns. The spam is horrific, the interface is as confusing as the weird social tension that Jack seems to go in and out of in different episodes of Three's Company, and I hate going to someone's profile and unexpectedly having someone's "Timbaland" profile song blast through my iMac speakers making me drop my Cup O Noodles onto the desk.

Me too Spam is horrible. I keep getting invitation emails from nude girls Thanks, kimber! Although primarily designed to allow musicians to place their wares online easily, in reality MySpace fills the void left when the internet moved on from the home-pages and GeoCities of the nineties.

Facebook is allowing users to keep in contact in an easily managable manner. For myself, I have an email address and a telephone and really fail to grasp the appeal of a 'funwall' which is not fun, is not a wal and only serves to, as with MySpace, allow others to watch one side of a conversation. There is a huge market out there and it is important to identify it and optimise for it, but as a tool for anything other than time wasting, neither adds a whole lot of value to the Web, nor indeed to the internet as a whole.

I parcipate a lot in Industry forums and blogs, some places respect me a lot some place not so much, but it is never a one away conversation! I rather be banned from a place for saying what I believe in, than go to a palce and say nothing at all. I was playing around with MySpace this past week for the first time yeah, I know, welcome to the 21st Century , and I agree with everything you said Rebecca. Someone at MySpace needs to take a course in usability. It took me three hours to finally figure out how to personalize it.

Facebook, on the other hand, was a breeze. Sure, I can't turn my Facebook profile into a hot pink background with purple lettering, but still, it has an intelligent design, and it doesn't take forever to load.

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And what's with "cool new people"? The same three dorks keep popping up every time I visit MySpace, even if it's been weeks since my last visit! You forgot to mention the terrible customer service, probably because you didn't try to contact them. And yet somehow it's still a wildly popular site. I don't understand why but I think it would be a good thing to find out as it might tell us more about the typical web user. The truth is though that the naive web users are the largest target audience for any campaign. Technically astute users are more likely to have banner blindness be that provided by software or merely experience , more likely to search deeper through SERPs and less likely to make impulse purchases or provide easy conversions.

The chances of the fart button being clicked must be directly proportionate to the frequency with which the user types 'lol' and, at the end of the day, that is the target demographic for MySpace. Whilst they are leaking users quite severely now, I doubt that any improvement in features or functionality would have as large an effect as some decent marketing. There are a lot of loyal MySpace users who would see any UI change as something to fear and they are staying where they are because they know users there and they are comfortable with the interface. A change might well be enough of an intrusion into that comfort zone to justify a move to FaceBook?

My last experience with their customer service involved a very long form reply to something only vaguely related to my original query. At that point I figured it's not worth it.

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I think I must be getting older because I'm starting to feel this way about more and more websites. I have actually signed up to Facebook to keep in contact with my friend in Afghanistan - it's a much more calming atmosphere Facebook I mean, not Afghan. I never really got MySpace but I did create an account a while ago. Within minutes I was being hammered with spam. Recently I made a decision to try to understand and find how to do something useful with it. So far all it has gotten me is frustration. Yeah, I'm a little late to this party blame it on the holidays but thought I'd add my two cents.

I have a MySpace account that is quite active. I only have 51 'friends' on there and most of them are of a demographic that allows me to be crazy, stupid, and fun. Facebook, on the other hand, forces me to be more professional. I have contacts on Facebook that I'd be embarrased to show my MySpace to, frankly. My MySpace profile pic is offensive, my default profile song is offensive, and the comments and captions on my pics are not even remotely professional. Unlike big names like, Vanessa Fox, I still am not able to merge my Schizo personalities online into one pretty picture for all the world to see equally.

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So, MySpace allows me to be childish, fill out stupid surveys that I secretly enjoy , post videos of me going MPH in my Dodge Viper which I no longer have , and happily post pics of me doing other stupid things.