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PA divorce attorneys discuss the types of spousal support are available in Pennsylvania.

Read More Reviews. It may be acceptable to complete a divorce in Philadelphia without hiring a divorce lawyer in some very limited cases in which neither party has representation and there are no minor children involved. It is easy to find do it yourself divorce papers online and even in stores. At the very least, if your estranged spouse has an attorney, it is very important to hire one for yourself. Custody : Custody describes your rights to your child. Physical custody is the right to live with and raise the child.

If there is any type of disagreement on the issue of custody, you should immediately contact a Philadelphia child custody lawyer to represent your interests. Stipulation : An agreement signed by the two divorcing spouses that settles the disputed issues between them.

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  5. While every divorce case is unique, most divorces involve disputes over common issues, like child custody and division of property. The following issues should be tackled with the assistance of qualified Bensalem, PA divorce lawyers representing both parties:. Division of Property : All property that has been acquired by either of the spouses after the marriage took place is considered marital property and is subject to equitable division.

    Pennsylvania is not a community property state. While you and your spouse can fight for what you want in court, it is often better to negotiate a property settlement. Many couples are required or choose to utilize mediation to develop a property settlement. During negotiations, you and your spouse must determine how to divide your assets and debts, including your real estate, vehicles, personal property, retirement savings, investments, loans, and credit card debt.

    This situation can be fully or partially determined by a pre- or post-nuptial agreement or when certain property is individually owned by you or your spouse. An often contentious economic issue is alimony and spousal support.

    Your first step in the divorce process is to get educated on PA Divorce Law and your options.

    Spouses often disagree on whether alimony is appropriate, and if so, how much and for how long. If you believe you should receive alimony, we will fight for you to receive a fair amount. We are also experienced in fighting to limit or bar alimony. You and your spouse will take your requests before a Master, who is appointed by the court to conduct hearings and make recommendations. You will provide financial and other economic documents and a memorandum outlining your reasoning for your proposed settlement.

    The Master makes a recommendation that you and your spouse may or may not agree to. If you cannot reach an agreement, the issue of property division may then go before a judge. If you and your spouse signed a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement , inform your divorce attorney right away and provide them with a copy of the contract. These types of agreements may dictate a number of issues within your divorce, such as how assets and debts are divided and alimony.

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    4. Your lawyer will review whether the agreement is likely valid and how it applies to the current situation. Then your attorney will analyze the best way to utilize the contract or fight against it in court. If you and your partner are separating and had a cohabitation agreement, call us today. Discovery is the phase of a lawsuit during which the plaintiff and defendant exchange information. You and your spouse can request certain information and documentation from one another. For example, if you believe your husband or wife is hiding income from you or has been wasting shared income, then financial discovery is important.

      If you own a family business together or one of you owns a business, then you will handle business valuation issues during discovery. The discovery period may last between 90 and days depending on the deadlines your attorney, the other party, and judge agree upon.

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      Like with economic matters within your divorce, you and your spouse may choose or be required to go through negotiation to work out matters regarding your children. We are here to explain your rights and legal options in regard to developing a parenting plan and fighting for a fair amount of child support. There are circumstances in which you may have the right to appeal a decision made by a judge during your divorce. We will review the circumstances and determine whether you can appeal the decision to a higher court.

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      If you agreed to a settlement, it is challenging to appeal. There must be evidence that the settlement agreement is not valid such as due to fraud, duress, undue influence, a mistake of material fact, or fundamental unfairness. Instead of appealing your divorce, you may wish to modify the divorce agreement. If you believe a provision of your divorce should chance because the circumstances or the information you have has changed, then call a lawyer today.

      It is possible to seek a modification or a divorce agreement, however, it can be challenging to convince a judge to modify an agreed upon settlement or court order. After your divorce is final, the process of separating your lives may not be over.