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This test is untimed. A candidate who fails the exam is allowed to retest, but must pay the fee again.

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There is a 10 day wait period between examination attempts. A candidate must work under supervision before a license can be granted. The supervisor verifies that the supervisee is providing the mandatory disclosure form to clients; she also helps him understand and adhere to all professional and ethical responsibilities and ensures that the services he provides meet standards. Before beginning supervised practice in Colorado, the therapist must register as a candidate and be accepted.

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This status is good for four years. The length of time a candidate must spend accruing post-degree experience will depend on the degree she has attained.

During this time, she must accrue 2, practice hours. The candidate may count some individual therapy sessions toward this total.

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However, she will need at least 1, hours providing direct services to couples and families. A candidate who earns a doctoral degree can achieve full licensure after as little as 12 months of supervised work.

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Her post-doctoral experience will still need to include 1, hours of client contact, 1, of them with families and couples. Some supervisory meetings can take place in a group setting. However, at least 25 of the 50 must be individual. The board notes that supervision hours are to take place throughout the experience period, in a manner that is consistent with the accrual of experience hours. The candidate is allowed to count up to hours of teaching toward her practice requirement.

As signed by the Arizona Governor, effective August 3, Certified Copies Copies may be requested in person or by phone.

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Must be on file returned to the Clerks office by the officiant for recording after the marriage. Marriage licenses are kept on paper, microfilm, and microfiche. Please try to have the Day, Month and Year, or the time of year when you call. Weddings Weddings are conducted at the courthouse on Monday through Friday excluding holidays beginning at p.

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All Colorado LPCs must complete a post-degree internship as part of their education. They must also pass the National Counselor Exam. MFT applicants need a master's degree and 1, hours of supervised professional experience.

LMFT Education Requirements in Colorado

To receive a license, Colorado LPCs must complete 2, hours of post-master's counseling practice under board supervision within two years. Individuals with a Ph.

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Prospective LPCs also need hours of supervision, with at least 70 hours in person. Marriage and family therapists need 1, hours of supervised experience. Students can pursue online counseling programs at all educational levels in Colorado. For example, students can begin their counseling career by earning an online bachelor's degree in psychology at Colorado State University before earning a master's degree from Colorado Christian University.

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Students interested in a teaching or psychology career can earn an online Ph. LPCs must meet education, experience, and exam requirements. Education requirements include a master's degree in counseling from a CACREP-accredited program or regionally accredited university. Candidates must complete 2, hours of post-master's counseling practice within two years.

Colorado classifies individuals who hold a counseling license in another state but who want to work in Colorado as out-of-state candidates.