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Douglas County is the site of some of Nevada's earliest development. Many small communities are scattered along the base of the Sierra Nevada, remnants of some of the first towns in the state. Many were established in the s as trading posts and centers of ranching and farming. Genoa, originally Mormon Station, is the oldest of these and was settled in Basque Children. It is rumored that Charles Crocker, of the Central Pacific Railroad, named it Elko because of his passion of wild animals - merely adding an "o" to "elk". Another story has it that a party of Indians watched the surveyors laying out the townsite and when told what they were doing the Indians exclaimed "Elko!

Whatever the tale, Elko County was created March 5, , with Elko as the county seat. Named by J. Corey, one of the founders of the district, August , Esmeralda became a county on November 25, with Aurora as the first county seat. Eureka Courthouse. With the opening of the rich lead-silver mines of the area the name spread to the town of Eureka, which became the county seat when Eureka County was organized March 20, Humboldt County Courthouse. County Clerk 50 W. It was John C. Fremont, during his explorations of the 's, who named it Humboldt River in honor of the famous German scientist and traveler, Baron von Humboldt.

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When the county was created on November 25, , it was naturally named after the river. Winnemucca is now the county seat and is home to one of the finest courthouses in the state. Lander County County Courthouse, Austin. Lander who was a prominent road builder for the Department of the Interior. He played an important role in negotiating a peace settlement with the American Indians during the Pyramid Lake War of Situated in the center of the state, the Lander County region attracted prospectors fanning out across the Great Basin after the discovery of the Comstock Lode.

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Battle Mountain is the county seat. Mining Equipment. Pioche Chamber of Commerce. Development started with the establishment of the Pahranagat Mining District during the mids, but the District did not meet expectations.

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Pioche replaced it in prominence, soon becoming one of the leading mineral producers of the West. Lincoln County had several county seats, but the small communities invariably failed to live up to the role. With the rise of Pioche, Lincoln County found a seat of government in worthy of the task. Yerington School Building. County Clerk 27 So. Main St. It is theorized that Lyon County was named in memory of Captain Robert Lyon, one of the volunteers in the Pyramid Lake War of and one of the pioneer citizens of Nevada, but it is also possible that it was named after General Nathaniel Lyon who died in the Civil War battle of Wilson's Creek on August 10, Walker Lake.

Within its bounds were such famous mining towns as Aurora, Belleville, Candelaria and Rawhide. Hawthorne remains the county seat. Tonopah, NV. He successfully set up a territorial government and when Nevada became a state in , Nye was elected U. Senator from Nevada, serving until Nye County, created February 16, , had Ione City as its first county seat. Mazen House, Lovelock. When Humboldt County Courthouse in Winnemucca burned in , the residents of Lovelock to the south did not want to pay for the construction of a new facility and clamored for the creation of a new county.

Storey County, with Virginia City as county seat, was named in his honor when it was created November 25, Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. Nevada Territory was created in , but not until a great controversy had been settled over the name.

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Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners The clerk also serves as ex-officio clerk for the following White Pine County boards: Board of Commissioners — charged with the fiscal responsibility of the county White Pine Fire District — charged with the responsibility of fire protection and some emergency services Board of Equalization PDF — reviews the valuation of property and estimation of certain property by county assessor; hears all taxpayer appeals Debt Management Commission PDF — reviews proposals for increases in community debts Court Records The county clerk also serves as the clerk of the Seventh Judicial District Court and maintains the following court records:.

Family and domestic relations matters Juvenile matters Mental commitments Paternity and child support Probate and guardianship matters. Record Searches Record searches are performed by the clerk's office. See contact information. COA to Soleminize Marriages. County Codes. District Court. Bail Bond Agents. Fee Schedule.

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Abandoned Vehicle. Civil Cover Sheet. Divorce Packet with Children. Divorce Packet without Children. In Forma Pauperis.

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