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Either can be reached on the Internet via telnet at port e. In addition, info. For example, listserv buacca.

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This is an unlikely option. It also does not work with all listserv implementations. If you have a paper mail address or telephone number for your target, call them or write to them and ask for an E-mail address.

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If you have been unable to find the answer for yourself, check with people locally and see if one of them can help you out. These people are usually very busy, so before bothering one of them, try telephoning the person you are trying to reach. Many postmasters will refuse to answer questions about user identification, for reasons of privacy, though they may be willing to forward your address so your intended recipient can write to you.

If all the methods above have failed, you can consider posting a message to soc. If it has expired, you can get a copy using the instructions below note that the name in the instructions below may change when a new version with a new date is posted, so you may need to ask for an index of the soc. Note that this is listed as THE last resort, to be tried even later than using a telephone number or paper mail address. Any posting to the Usenet uses the resources of the sites on the Usenet and of the networks that carry it; certainly, the total cost of transporting a Usenet message is more than the cost of a stamp or a short phone call.

Since the benefit gained is to you and not to the Usenet as a whole, you should avoid posting if you possibly can. The University of Texas publishes a network directory. It is BIG, so you might not have room to store it locally, unless you ask someone in charge to set up some space for it. Each UUCP map entry lists the contact person for the entry.

For more information about WAIS, see above. You connect to it at port of netinfo. Allows one to find the appropriate bitnet, internet or uucp address for a site given part of the address. Some sites have programs which will give you information about a host given its name or IP address. Some such programs include nslook, nslookup, and hostq. Use one of the above methods instead. Internet mail incoming to America Online is trucated at 27 kilobytes.

To find addreses, send e-mail to NameSearch aol. Their World-Wide Web service at home. Their Web directory lets you search for people by name, location, or occupation.

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Usernames are user- defined and vary from handles to real names. Their Web directory lets you search for member Web pages containing your search terms, or browse their username directory. DOE3 genie. There is no added cost to GEnie users beyond normal connect-time charges to send or receive Internet mail. GEnie addresses are case-insensitive, but you should preserve periods. Entry Changed: Sat Dec 7 Prodigy users receive Internet mail via the address format abcd12a prodigy. We have not found an Internet-accessible directory. Use the T-Online Id of the recipient and add x where x is the appropriate user number, mostly 1.

The T-Online Id is mostly equal to the telephone-number of the person, inculding the city prefix.

Government-wide Email System (GovMail)

To send a mail to a T-Online user in Frankfurt city prefix: , with the telefon number , send Internet mail to T-Online. If you want to learn more about computer networks and how they interact with each other, these books and articles might be interesting and useful to you:. Available in the indicated Usenet newsgroup s , or via anonymous ftp from rtfm. Also available from mail-server rtfm.

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Sign up Forgot Password. Already have an account? Sign in Forgot Password. For example, the majority of Usenet posters are unaware of the database of Usenet E-mail addresses mentioned below. Most people with E-mail addresses are not accustomed to receiving E-mail from strangers or large amounts of E-mail, and they may not be happy if they do.

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Web Searches E-mail directories Entry Changed: Thu Feb 17 Several organizations let you search for addresses by filling in and submitting a form from your Web browser. Citizens will also benefit in terms confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with authentic government agencies. Aside from giving the government offices and personnel a credible online identity, the GovMail System is also designed with more collaborative features such as central calendar for easy collaboration on tasks and scheduling of meetings and other activities.

It also has a Briefcase feature allowing efficient sharing of files to one another. GovMail is also hosted in a central server owned by the government for added security. Simultaneously, this can save money for the government agencies since they do not have to manage their own server and pay for Internet service and data storage. Support for mobile devices and multiple platforms as well as online and offline access are also included in its features. The Integrated Government Philippines iGovPhil program is an essential element in the implementation of the eGovernment Master Plan eGMP , which aims to improve processes in government to provide better services to both citizens and businesses, as well as promote public participation.

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