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Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution. Sign in with your library card. Search within Updated on 6 August The previous version of this content can be found here. Abstract and Keywords Infants begin the process of language acquisition before birth, and their brains appear specially prepared to acquire complex systems of communication. All rights reserved. Sign in to annotate. Hi I have a teenage son who is 15 suffering from auditory processing, please guide me I have reached the end of my thether in tears daily, he suffers with comprehension and is slightly dyslexic, I need help urgently.

Our comprehension blog post includes many ideas that should help. In addition, have him listening to reading daily, either with you reading aloud to him or with audiobooks. Listening comprehension is related to reading comprehension, so strengthening one will help the other. Try to get to the root of his comprehension issues as well. Trouble with comprehension can be caused by being able to read but not being able to read well. Listening to him read aloud to you should help you to evaluate his reading and comprehension. Our Dyslexia Resources page will be helpful to you.

How is your son doing in school? Can you give me examples of troubles he is having?

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Wow, a speech pathologist said she believed my son had APD but after reading the comments section I realize that my son has almost every symptom of SPD. I suggest it may be best to schedule appointments with both an audiologist and an occupational therapist. Since APD can mimic the signs of a partial hearing loss, ruling out that possibility with an audiologist will be worthwhile. My son is SPD and saw an amazing therapist for ten months.

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He made amazing gains and then headed into first grade public school. That was devastating for me to hear, but it only made me more determined to help my son succeed. He did a full battery of academic testing, and he was found to have ADD. But my gut told me he was also having a hearing issue.

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Sure enough we went to an audiologist, he had reduced hearing from old fluid on the drum. He had it removed and is doing better. I hope this helps you!

I will have to try out these tips for my daughter who has SPD which falls into the line with having a hard time auditory processing. Any new info on the matter is a plus to me. Audrey, I hope at least some of these tips help you and your daughter. However, if you need further ideas or help, just let me know. We love the AAS program. I first bought it for my middle who is dyslexic, but was soon amazed at how well it worked for my other three children.

Auditory Processing Disorder: 10 Ways to Help Your Child

I cannot wait to use them. My daughter is 5 and has apraxia. I have been using another reading program, but nothing seems to be sticking which has been flustering for her.

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  6. I love how these programs are multi sensory. Thank you for this article. Hannah, We have had great reports from parents using our programs with children with apraxia. I do want to let you know, however, that we recommend waiting until the child has completed All About Reading level 1 before starting All About Spelling level 1.

    How likely is it that an adult could have this and not know it? I wonder sometimes when speaking with a friend if she has it after reading this article.

    Differentiating Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) from other types of speech sound disorders

    Kim, I think it is possible for an adult to struggle with Auditory Processing Disorder and not know there is a name for the struggles they have. I would expect her to be aware that she has more trouble with listening and learning from auditory means than most people, but I think it would be easy for her to just chalk it up to not being her learning style. As do three of my children. So much makes sense now as to mine and their behavior and learning patterns.

    So, as to the question on whether an adult can have this, yes. Thank you for sharing this, Rachel. Ha, we just did that egg lesson in the photo above today! My son has a very difficult time putting his thoughts into words, but he scored surprisingly well on the phonological awareness part of his dyslexia testing. Keep up the great work! Thank you for this very informative article. It was very helpful. This was a very good article.

    I enjoyed it very much as I, myself, has hearing problems. Thank you for sharing. This was a very helpful article. I feel like I was handed a key to unlock better communication with my daughter. Please let me know if you have questions or need anything. So interesting, thank you for sharing! To the best of a parents ability trying to get male teachers is ideal. Men tend to speak a bit more slowly then women and use less words as they instruct. It is an easy support, in schools, if available. No paperwork needed to accomplish this accommodation!

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    You have great articles that are very user friendly, a perfect resource for the parents of the students I support! Thank you for this article! This seems like omething someone I know has. I was not aware that it was a disorder. Just knowing that there are ways to help someone who has this is awesome! Let me know if you have questions.

    My daughter had a hard time hearing certain sounds it seemed due to some speech issues— AAR and AAS has really helped her.