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Our program turns your mobile phone into a professional device that registers and allows to save and later view the route of your car and of course the preview in real time. Despite the fact that our solution is free and available to all users who download our application , has been designed and implemented by the best programmers , and tested by a team of testers , so its quality is very high and did not differ from the existing standards. The application does not cause any problems and does not charge the phone too.

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From today you do not need expensive equipment to track their vehicles in real time. Just phone running Google Android and an account on our website. The installation of our system is fast, simple and enjoyable.

We will never spam or share your info. Some may think that owning a separate GPS unit is overkill. After all, most smartphones are now equipped with GPS navigation. But getting a dedicated navigation system for your car is always a good thing as they have far more superior designs than the ones installed on your phone.

A lot of people have benefited from car navigation systems, and its major benefits include promoting safe and relaxed driving. The mapping software used by a GPS navigation tracker is also efficient and comprehensive.

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It gives accurate directions, and the quality is better than that of a free app on your smartphone. There might have been instances when you have relied on the free GPS navigation on your phone and found it completely unreliable. Then you get frustrated, and then you panic because you have no idea what to do now and how to get to your destination. A GPS navigation device also offers another advantage besides giving accurate directions.

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In the event that the unthinkable happens and your car gets stolen, you can use the device installed on your car to quickly track down where it is. And in the case of a stolen vehicle, anyone knows that any minute counts. If you take too long, then your car may have been disassembled for parts by that time. What more can one ask from a tracking program? I bet you would agree with me that there is no other better program that can perfectly and actively serve as a reliable smartphone based vehicle tracking tool. With its GPS location feature, you can track the location of your car in real time to know where exactly it is at a particular time.

FamiSafe offers a reliable experience using their program for a 3 days free trial as well to track a car with GPS for free. This tracking with GPS is usually done in real time, that is, it tracks the target device in a synchronized manner as the device moves per time. This history includes details such as where the device has been and at what time it was in that location. Geofencing: Just as the name of this feature, implies, it creates a virtual geographical boundary or fence.


5 Best GPS Vehicle Trackers | SafeWise

This simply means that the target device is given a location and radius of restricted movement. Whenever it goes out of this geographical locations, an alert would be sent to the monitoring program. It even offers a restricted schedule of when apps can be opened, how cool is that!

How to Install HIDDEN GPS Tracker in any Car - Spy Car Tracker

This is just to mention a few. The target device would serve as the GPS transmitter to send signals to FamiSafe so you can monitor the car from FamiSafe website app or from another mobile device. Step 2: Register a FamiSafe account inside the App.

This is the Best Way to Track Your Car Using Your Phone Without Spending a Dime

You may register on either your phone or your kid's phone. The same account is applicable to both devices.

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  4. Step 4: FamiSafe is the most reliable reliable parental control app for location tracking, app blocking, web filtering, screen time control and more. You can start your tracking now!