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Your Name:. Close Subscribe. Email: unsubscribing your email, will also unsubscribe your cell phone. I don't know how to winnow down this set of images to try to convey with any sense of reality just how demolished this stretch of coastline was, so very far from the landfall point of this hurricane. If there was any kind of difference at all in this destruction and what we have seen in installment after installment of this blog series, it is that twenty feet of surge did not do as much damage as twenty-five feet of surge; that this made the difference between leaving a home on its foundations and some of the second floor intact, vs.

But this is small consolation as these homes were effectively destroyed anyway, and there was really no way to save anything before mold set in. Here are a couple of the USGS images, and details from the images.

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In this one, which was one of the few where the sun was out, at first the image looks perfectly normal and peaceful, with a few boats moored in the inlet:. But if you look closely then you see that the homes are shot through from surge, and debris is on the ground:. But you may not notice that there are a row of slabs, a roof lying on the ground to the right, and the remaining houses are gutted by surge and have become repositories for the debris of the houses that used to face them across the street:.

This used to be a multi-story apartment complex on Front Beach; after the storm this is what was left:. I feel that with so much destruction, I've come to an impasse in trying to portray it in a way that conveys the completeness and horror of what occurred.

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I didn't find any stories about people along this particular stretch of coastline, after much research. I've run out of new and interesting ways to present the carnage and annihilation of surge damage. I do know that many people in this area did stay in their homes during the storm, and rode out the surge.

As an example, according to this online news article from WLOX:. The storm took two lives here, left everyone homeless, and left the neighborhood with a new view of the Ocean Springs Coastline. I don't have an explanation for that, as Evelyn Drive is just one street in from the coast, and also backs up to a bayou, which effectively put it right on the coast as far as surge inundation:.

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But to me this is the most compelling image, as it is the first one I have seen of the inside of a home after it has been filled with briny sewage-and-oil-laden water:. Here are a number of images from the Ocean Springs web site, of Ocean Springs and the surrounding unincorporated areas. First, the historical downtown residential area of Jackson Avenue you'll be able to note the exposed building details marking the type of historical construction :.

I couldn't help but notice the hand-crocheted floral afghan hanging in the tree in the above image.

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Source: NOAA. Log in Join Guten Tag! Learn more about hurricane preparedness. Atlantic Basin. Eastern Pacific Basin. Storm Surge Safety Actions Minimize the distance you must travel to reach a safe location; the further you drive the higher the likelihood of encountering traffic congestion and other problems on the roadways. Select the nearest possible evacuation destination, preferably within your local area, and map out your route.

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Do not get on the road without a planned route, or a place to go. Choose the home of the closest friend or relative outside a designated evacuation zone and discuss your plan with them before hurricane season.

If neither of these options is available, consider the closest possible public shelter, preferably within your local area. Use the evacuation routes designated by authorities and, if possible, become familiar with your route by driving it before an evacuation order is issued. Contact your local emergency management office to register or get information regarding anyone in your household whom may require special assistance in order to evacuate.

Prepare a separate pet plan , most public shelters do not accept pets. Prepare your home prior to leaving by boarding up doors and windows, securing or moving indoors all yard objects, and turning off all utilities. Before leaving, fill your car with gas and withdraw extra money from the ATM.