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Provide for the disposition of records that are of no further value for daily operations thereby clearing valuable office and storage space for other uses. Providing microfilm support in preparing, filming, scanning and proofing pertinent permanent and nonpermanent records, reports, rolls and documents for county departments.

FAQ Why do we need a records management program for our records? In accordance with the Public Records Act Code of Laws of South Carolina, , Section through the South Carolina Department of Archives and History and Horry County are legally charged with the responsibility for overseeing the care and maintenance of all county records.

This mandate requires the Archives and Horry County to insure that older, historical records are preserved satisfactorily, whether by microfilming, transfer to an archival repository, application of special restoration treatments or a combination of the above. Similarly, the records of short-term value must be identified and disposed of in accordance with an orderly timetable, allowing each record sufficient time to outlive all administrative usefulness or value before transfer to an inactive records storage center for a specified period of time, or immediate destruction.

What do we need to do to get our departments records into the records management program?

Estate Records

An inventory of your department's records must be completed. A Records Series Inventory Form, which is provided by our office, must be filled out for each individual record. This schedule is returned to the requesting department for review and for the Director's signature. This schedule is then reviewed by County Administrator for signature and then it is returned to the State Archives for their Director's signature.

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Then a copy is returned to Records Management and forwarded to the requesting department and this document becomes the official Record Retention Schedule for that departments records. How does my department have access to our records once they are stored at the record center? This information should be sent to our department by inter-office mail or with the authorized person who comes to the Record Center.

The Record Center staff will then pull the requested information and allow the authorized person to see the record. Common Terms Active records Records that must be maintained in office space because they are referred to once a month or more and are needed to conduct daily business. Administrative value In appraisal, the usefulness of records to the originating or succeeding agency in the conduct of daily business; sometimes called operational value.

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Cubic feet Measurement of volume for records, archives, and manuscripts, 1 x 1 x 1; Also shown as cu. Destruction The disposal of records of no further value by shredding, burial, incineration. Pulping, or some other process. Disposal: Usually, the process of destroying obsolete records. See also Disposition. Disposition The final action that puts into effect the results of an appraisal decision for a series of records.

Transfer to an archival repository, transfer to a records center, or destruction are some possible disposition actions. General Schedule A record retention schedule that specifies the disposition of certain series of records common to many offices or agencies within the same organization or type of government. See also Retention schedule.

Ordering a Birth Certificate

The Register of Deeds is required to file, index, and preserve the copies that they receive from the local registrar. If using the internal search within the Register of Deeds office you can view and print a copy of the image and the index. However, the only information available on the website is an abbreviated index of the data.

If the birth occurred in another county within the State of NC, we can help you obtain a certified copy of the "Out of County" birth if it was after In with the abolition of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, the duty of keeping record of marriages was transferred to the Register of Deeds. Our office has copies and an index of marriages from to present. We have entered the marriage information into our vital database dating back to If the marriage license was obtained from Franklin County, you may get a certified copy of that marriage from our office at any time after the license has been returned following the marriage ceremony.

Franklin County Register of Deeds Office wants to protect the identity of our citizens.

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During the online application process, the data you provide will be analyzed and additional "personal knowledge" questions will need to be answered.