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I can actually run really fast anywhere carrying anything if need be! At the same time, you come back with a happy feeling that you made it and it gives you courage to do it more often.

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I used to have a bad sense of direction, now I can find my way anywhere. The anonymity of solo travel often gives you the opportunity to get a closer look and, naturally, get mad. Mad enough to become an activist…to volunteer…and utilise newfound knowledge to effect change. Introvert that I was, at the end of the journey I learned to deal with situations like accidents and sudden break downs.

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Some people might judge you but with so many things to see in the world solo travel helps you keep your eyes on the big picture. Climbing the beautiful beast made me realize how strong a humans will power is to fight any situation. The people, the places and the memories will be the best souvenirs. You get to know more about your own personality and what you enjoy. You learn how to get out of your comfort zone, do things on your own and sometimes you even get to surprise yourself.

No decision is right or wrong and will lead you to your next adventure. If you find amazing travel buddies in one place, why not accompany them to the next? If you find yourself enjoying the atmosphere of a certain city, why not stay another week? Really allow yourself to be flexible with timing, so you can indulge yourself in a place you love. They have passed through your life, to teach you something or to share incredible moments with you! I gradually developed a certain necessary detachment in some situations.

I have done many times this and it is how I manage to travel a lot and for cheap deals. You become more discerning and choose your tribe through want and not need. Simple as that! Roaming through acres of unkempt gardens made for sweet memories and picturesque views. Timing is everything. I randomly signed up to join a group of people who was up for a white water rafting experience. It was definitely one for the books.

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After a day of exploring central Barcelona I went on a slow aimless stroll upwards out of the city and turned around to this spectacular sight. It does not always have to be much or long. I did two weeks of volunteering at a childcare centre in Buenos Aires. No problem!

Gives me a chance to get out of the airport and explore a new city. Nine hour bus ride to get from Tokyo to Osaka? No problem, gives me a chance to see the beautiful countryside of Japan at ground level. Be brave, and speak out. They will come from all kinds of countries and backgrounds and most of them will be awesome. When I was travelling with my cousin, I realized that I always let her navigate. After we split up and I went on my own, I had to step up, and I did it!

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What an intelligent thing to say a 41 year old farm mother During a 2 yr college break in the Peace Corps in British Honduras I was teaching Myan Indians who invented corn how to grow corn. This date was set by the seventh century. The Lutheran Church considers it a "festival," while the Anglican Church calls it a "principal feast. There are several Bible readings or passages that discuss the conception or incarnation of Jesus and the announcement to Mary.

Originally a feast of our Lord, but now celebrated as a Marian feast in honor of Mary , the feast of the Annunciation dates back at least to the fifth century. The Annunciation, as much as or even more so than Christmas, represents Christ's incarnation.

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While most of the fathers of the church say that Mary's fiat was essential to God's plan of salvation, God foresaw Mary's acceptance of his Will from all eternity. The narrative of the Annunciation testifies powerfully to the truth of the Catholic tradition that Mary was indeed a virgin when Christ was conceived, but also that she intended to remain one perpetually. Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be.