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The event was held to discuss current topics relevant to U.

The event was held to discuss current topics relevant to warrant officers in the South Carolina Army National Guard, as well as to encourage eligible Soldiers to pursue available opportunities to commissioning in the warrant officer cohort. Career paths for warrant officers encompass technical and aviation fields. Both offering unique assignments and specialized training opportunities, many of which are not available to Soldiers outside of the warrant officer cohort.

Puffenbarger, South Carolina Army National Guard state command chief warrant officer and primary organizer and host of the event, laid out the requirements and expectations of both current and future warrant officers in the South Carolina Army National Guard during the workshop. William Zimmerman, the oldest living National Guard retiree. Ryan Price, left, presents Warrant Officer Ret. William Zimmerman with a U. The S.

Being a Warrant Officer in the National Guard

Zimmerman, who retired in , was honored at the Graniteville Armory, the unit with whom he served during a ceremony Friday. At age 97, Zimmerman is the oldest living S. National Guard Retiree.

Zimmerman's length of military service spanned nearly 35 years when he retired in April at age Some of his gifts included a U. Referral of charge to state judge advocate before trial; error in charges or specifications. Service of charges on accused; time restrictions as to trial. Evidentiary rules. Unlawfully influencing action of court. Duties of trial counsel and defense counsel; assistant trial counsel.

Statute of limitations. Jurisdiction over accused. Double jeopardy. Pleas of accused. Opportunity to obtain witnesses and other evidence. Refusal to appear or testify. Admissibility of records of courts of inquiry. Voting and rulings. Number of votes required. Announcement of findings and sentence. Record of trial. Cruel and unusual punishments prohibited. Resignation in lieu of court-martial.

Effective date of sentences; forfeiture of pay; confinement; deferment of sentence. Execution of sentence of confinement; hard labor. Reduction in pay grade; restoration of benefits. Error of law; lesser included offense. Forwarding record to convening authority. Forwarding record to state judge advocate. Reconsideration of ruling; correction of record. Approval of findings and sentence. Disposition of records after review by convening authority.

Appellate counsel. Sentence involving general officer. Vacation of suspension of sentence; hearings. Remission or suspension of sentence. Restoration of rights, privileges, and property. Appellate review; finality of proceedings, findings, and sentences. Accessory after the fact. Conviction of lesser included offense. Soliciting or advising person to desert or commit act of sedition.

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Fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation. Unlawful enlistment, appointment, or separation. Absence without leave.

Army National Guard

Person missing movement of unit. Disrespect to superior officer or noncommissioned officer. Assaulting or wilfully disobeying superior officer or noncommissioned officer. Insubordinate conduct toward officer or noncommissioned officer.

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Failure to obey order, statute, or regulation; derelict in performance of duty. Cruelty and maltreatment. Reckless endangerment. Mutiny or sedition. Resisting arrest, and escape. Releasing prisoner without proper authority. Unlawful detention. Noncompliance with procedural rules. Improper use or disclosure of parole or countersign. Forcing a safeguard. Captured or abandoned property.

South Carolina Army National Guard

False official statements. Loss, damage, destruction, or wrongful disposition of military property. Waste, spoilage, or destruction of property other than military property. Operating vehicle under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance; reckless driving. Sleeping on duty; leaving post; under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance while on duty.

Riot or breach of peace. Provoking or reproachful words or gestures. Larceny; wrongful appropriation. Frauds against United States or the State or any officer of it. Conduct unbecoming a member of the National Guard.